New devices to clean up and recover Sargassum

An innovative company
for an effective preservation of sites and health

Parthena Company has an Environment Division dedicated to the wilderness of the littorals.
The company is developing, for their future exploitation by communities, a number of devices for collecting algae likely to revolutionize current practices near the shoreline as well as at a distance.
Sargassas are floating algae that Carribean fishermen encountered on small surfaces. But since 2011 they have proliferated in thick banks on surfaces of several tens of kilometers. For the West Indies, and carribean sites, they have become a scourge.
Their purging on the shores releases hydrogen sulphide, which can cause death in less than 30 minutes. Local authorities face a serious problem of collection and recovery.

 Two solutions can be envisaged:
- Curative collection once the algae reach the shoreline, a solution that communities are currently using
- Preventive collection before algae reach the coast thanks to the SARGACLEANER process developed by PARTHENA-Environnement
Only this process allows an effective, secure, timely prevention and recovery of the collected material.

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